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2401 Eaton Ferry Rd
Littleton, NC 27850

(252) 586-1770
One our most favorite places to ride, The High Bridge Trail is located 1.5 hours north of the lake. The trail is a rail-to-trail project 31 miles long with a crushed limestone surface. We like to park in downtown Farmville VA and ride out towards the bridge - a massive half mile long trestle 160 feet above the Appomattox River that offers spectacular views up & down the river valley. Note there is a fee to park at most lots.More info:

There are many trailheads along the High Bridge Trail - Farmville trailhead is located here:

Note: High Bridge Trail is currently OPEN however facilities (bathrooms) are closed through June 10 due to COVID-19.High Bridge Trail
      • OPEN 7 DAYS 10am - 5pm 
        SATURDAY 9AM - 5PM
      • CLOSED Christmas Day
      • 2401 Eaton Ferry Rd
        Littleton, NC 27850
      • 252.586.1770