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2401 Eaton Ferry Rd
Littleton, NC 27850

(252) 586-1770
rental kayaks and paddle boards at lake gaston outfitters


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We have more bikes available for rent, Call and ask to see what bikes we have available

Welcome to Lake Gaston Outfitters rental bikes, kayaks and paddleboards! We have the largest rental fleet in the region with over 50 bikes, kayaks and paddleboards available! You won't find 'livery' bikes, boards or kayaks here, and no old or beat up gear either - we only rent premium, comfortable, stable, kayaks and paddleboards from brands like Perception, SIC, Blue Water and bikes from Marin. And every kayak, paddleboard, paddle and vest gets a thorough cleaning and inspection after each rental, so you'll always have the best time out on the water, while our bikes get a fresh tune after each rental! 

We have a variety of rental options to make your kayak and paddle board adventure on the lake the best it can be. We offer Sit-on, Sit-in, and tandem kayaks – and these are not the typical model you’ll find at livery outlets or big box stores. We rent the best kayaks Perception has to offer – comfortable and stable – and we complement them with premium paddles from Aqua-Bound. 

Our Stand Up Paddle Boards get you out on the water easily & quickly. Our inflatable boards are wide with a planing hull design for a nice stable ride on the lake and are super durable and easy to transport. Or, if transporting a hard board isn't a challenge, opt for a SIC hardboard - they are light weight and family/guest friendly. We not only match a premium AquaBound SUP paddle with each board, but for your safety we also include a leash and life vest with each rental.

We also offer a variety of bikes suited to cruise your neighborhood as well as hit the trails at Buck Spring Park, Medoc or the Tobacco Heritage Trail. We offer racks if you need one and of course our bike rentals include a helmet.

Regardless of the gear you rent, you’re certain to have a great time on the lake.

Rental bikes, kayaks & paddleboards from Lake Gaston Outfitters are unique in that our location is centrally located at the lake on Eaton Ferry Road between the lake and Food Lion. Whether you’re in Jimmy’s Creek, River Ridge, Norcarva, Lee’s Creek, one of the campgrounds, or any place in between, our rentals are just a short drive away.

We have decades of experience on the water and the trails, and we share our knowledge with every rental - We want you to have an amazing time while at Lake Gaston, so we take the time to review all the adjustments on your bike, kayak & paddle and demonstrate great techniques. We want you to the best time while you're here!

And if the warmer weather has your family dreaming of paddling a kayak around Lake Gaston, we’ve rounded up the top places to abandon your dock for awesome water exploration! From the gorgeous kayak launch at Steel Bridge to many back creek explorations around the lake, check out all the local places to play here.


Please note we rent bikes, kayaks and paddle boards by the day (not a 24 hour period). Rentals can be picked up when we open and must be returned one hour before the store closes on the last day of your rental. Late returns will incur additional charges. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need alternate pick-up and drop-off arrangements.


  1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days 7 Days
Solo Kayaks $50 $100 $138 $170 $190 $210 $230
Tandem Kayaks $60 $120 $156 $180 $200 $240 $280
Paddleboards $50 $100 $138 $170 $190 $210 $230
Neighborhood Bikes $50 $100 $141 $180 $215 $244.5 $259
Hardtail MTB $50 $100 $141 $180 $215 $244.5 $259
Full Suspension MTB $100 $200 $270 $350 $437.5 $525 $612.5


All of our kayaks include a paddle & PFD (life vest). Our stand up paddleboards include a paddle, leash & vest. Our bikes include a helmet.

Not sure which rental is best for you? Need delivery? Just give us a call at 252-586-1770, send us an email or reach out to us on facebook – we’re here to help!


*Delivery is available most times but note holiday weeks we often have limited delivery available. Delivery fee includes drop off & pick up, and varies based on distance from the store. We do not deliver to public boat ramps. Deliveries are made the evening prior to the start of the rental period and are picked up the evening of the last day of rental. Contact us with any questions (252) 586-1770. 


            • SUMMER STORE HOURS
            • Sun - Fri: 10AM - 5PM
            • Saturday: 9AM - 5PM