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While there are some great places to paddle your kayak or board around Lake Gaston, (from your dock is the best!), there are many other ways to recreate around the lake - from trail riding (cycling), to mountain bike riding, hiking, and more - here is a resource list we've been collecting.

In the title of the venue you'll also find approximate driving distance from the Lake Gaston Outfitters - your travel time may vary depending on your start point.

Some of these venues you may have heard of, Some may be your personal favorite, and others may be a new experience.  

On each page we provide a brief description of the venue along with how far away from the lake it is, a website link for more information (if available), and a link for directions to get there.

Want more information about a venue? Never hesitate to contact us: 252-586-1770 or  

Have a local (within an hour drive) place you like to recreate? Send us a note and we'll add it:

Hiking around Lake Gaston:
Buck Spring Plantation Park (5 minute drive)
DeHart Botanical Gardens (60 minute drive)
Ledge Creek Forest Conservation Area (60 minute drive)
Medoc Mountain State Park (20 minute drive)
Occoneechee State Park VA (60 minute drive)
Roanoke Rapids Canal Trail (20 minute drive)
Tar River Trail (60 minute drive)

Mountain Bike Riding:
Buck Spring Plantation Park (5 minute drive)
Medoc Mountain State Park (20 minute drive)
Pocahontas State Park (90 minute drive)
Battle Park Rocky Mount (60 minute drive)

Fort Pickett Lakes (45 minute drive)
Great Creek Watershed (30 minute drive)
Merchants Millpond State Park (90 minute drive)
Miles Creek/Steel Bridge (30 minute drive)

Hybrid/Trail/Off-road Cycling:
High Bridge Trail (90 minute drive)
Roanoke Rapids Canal Trail (20 minute drive)
Tobacco Heritage Trail (20 minute drive)
Virginia Capitol Trail (90 minute drive)

Local Road RIdes:
LGO-Huckstep loop (20 miles)
LGO-Southside VA via Tillman-Dry Bread (23 miles)
LGO-Southside VA via Tillman-Cleaton (35 miles)
LGO-Macon loop (36 miles)
LGO-Southside VA via Tillman-Tobacco Heritage Trail [paved] (40 miles)
LGO-East Lake Gaston loop (53 miles)
LGO-West Lake Gaston loop (70 miles)

Littleton-Bikes For Bluejays (14 miles)
Littleton-Bikes For Bluejays (31 miles)
Littleton-Bikes For Bluejays (63 miles)

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