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Danuu - Kayak Cover

Size: 9ft - 12.6ft x 49in

Price:  $ 149.95 
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Danuu Covers extend the life of your kayak by protecting it from the elements and harmful UV rays! The covers are made with a standard of quality that is higher than anyone else and are shown repeatedly to be the best in their class.

The covers are durable and convenient, simply drape it over your craft and cinch the straps for a custom fit. Perfect storage solution for those without the ability to keep their boat inside a garage or shed - also provides unsurpassed protection while traveling.


Dimensions of the Brat Kayak Cover: 

Length: 9 ft. - 12 ft. 6 in. (up to 3.81 meters)

Width: 49 in. (124 cm)

Fits: Solo Kayaks

Dimensions of the Punk Kayak Cover:

Length: 12 ft. - 15 ft. (up to 4.57 meters)

Width: 49 in. (124 cm)

Fits: Solo Kayaks




  • Fully Adjustable for Custom Fit
  • V-loops along edges for additional strapping points
  • 100% Polyester (UV-resistant)
  • Reinforced seams and cross stitching at all pressure points
  • Light weight fabric with high tech meshing - durable and convenient
  • No metal parts that rust
  • Easy on/off design
  • Water repellent
  • Attached Flag Bag adds safety in transport/doubles as convenient storage
  • One-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Just some of the kayaks the BRAT fits:







 Manata Ray

 Ride 115


 ATAK 120

 Stingray 11.5






 Mirage Compass &   Passport


 ProAngler 12



 Caribbean 12

 Mirage Revolution ll




 Bite Angler

 Vision 120









Just some of the kayaks the PUNK fits:



 Mirage Outback

 360 Escape

 Compass Duo

 360 Angler

 Revolution 13

 360 TriCat


 Big Rig FD/HD

 ProAngler 14

 Big Tuna





 ATAK 140

 Sandpiper 130




 Caribbean 14





 Vision 130/150

 Titan 13.5


 Stingray 13.5


 Ultimate 13/14.5/15



 Malibu ll






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