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2401 Eaton Ferry Rd
Littleton, NC 27850

(252) 586-1770

Hobie - Livewell V2


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The newly redesigned Hobie Livewell V2 sports a fresh color scheme, modern lines and more built-in features than ever before. This livewell is plug-and-play with most* Hobie kayaks and includes all the same built-in functionality of the Livewell XL. Upgrades over the original livewell include: a high quality sealed marine switch for ON/OFF control, adjustable downspout for easy water level control, and removable tank partitions for keeping live bait healthy and out of hard to reach places.

• 6V Sealed Gel Cell Battery + Charger for powering the pump
• Adjustable downspout for filling the tank half way
• Corrosion resistant power switch
• 3 Integrated rod holders
• Threaded drin plug
• Easily removable tank partitions for keeping bait healthy
• 8" twist and seal hatch for access and bait concealment
• Heavy duty straps for attaching to the kayak
• Carrying handle for easy transport

      • OPEN 7 DAYS 10am - 5pm 
        FRI & SAT  'till 6pm
      • 2401 Eaton Ferry Rd
        Littleton, NC 27850
      • 252.586.1770