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Boardworks - Rukus


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Introducing the all-new Boardworks Rukus made with our exclusive Bombshell construction. The Rukus is the perfect do-it-all paddleboard designed with the entire family in mind.

This board can take a beating and is stable enough to accommodate all sizes of paddlers, pets, and even take the kids for a ride. Made with the industry’s most durable construction, the Rukus comes in two sizes - 10’ 6” for smaller, lighter paddlers and an 11’ 6” for taller and heavier paddlers. The Rukus is the ultimate sporty, tough, and stable all water vehicle. If you are hard on your equipment, have rough put-ins and exits to the water, or need a board to carry a load, this is the board you need.


  • Novice MAX. 225 LBS.
  • Intermediate MAX. 250 LBS.
  • Advanced MAX. 275 LBS.


  • Length 10'6"
  • Width 33"
  • Thickness 4 3/4"
  • Volume 224 L.
  • Fin Set SINGLE
  • Construction BOMBSHELL


  • Length 11'6"
  • Width 34"
  • Thickness  4 1/2"
  • Volume 236 L.
  • Fin Set SINGLE
  • Construction BOMBSHELL


  • FCS II CONNECT DOLPHIN - Versatile, high performance, all condition fin with  FCS II tool-less fin box system.


Bombshell Technology

Boardwork's Bombshell construction was developed to produce a lightweight, durable ,and rigid deck. 


  • Low density stringer-less EPS core, CAD designed shape, machine cut and hand finished
  • ABS deck for durability and increased stiffness for power transfer and acceleration
  • Hand laminated with a blend of fiberglass cloths, bamboo veneer – and automotive grade paint and polish.
  • Reinforced ABS rails.
  • All components, fin boxes, finger-well, leash and deck plugs are set in high density foam blocks
  • Self regulating vent plug to relieve pressure in heat and high altitude

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