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Perception - Hi Five Paddle for Kids


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Featuring a shorter paddle shaft and smaller blades, the Hi Five Paddle is sized specifically for younger paddlers.  This paddle also features a smaller diameter shaft for smaller hands.  it will offer a more comfortable fit for kids than a standard, adult paddle. It is generally well-suited to paddlers under 5 feet tall.

Also, this paddle is really two paddles in one!  It's a kayak paddle that can easily be converted to a standup paddleboard paddle by detaching one of the blades and attaching the 3rd piece which is a shaft with a hand grip for SUP paddling.  Additionally, kids can change the angle of their blade just like the grown-ups do.

This paddle works perfectly with the Hi Five Kids Kayak but will also allow your children to more comfortably paddle other smaller SUP boards or kids/smaller kayaks.

Note:  photos shown are renderings only and this paddle will have a silver (not black) shaft


  • Optimized for the Perception Hi Five kayak
  • Compatible with any kids’ kayak and smaller SUP boards
  • 190cm long (vs. 230cm for average adult paddle)
  • Smaller (425cm2) blade for easy strokes
  • Small diameter shaft sized for smaller hands
  • 3-position push-button ferrule connection (60/0/60) in center of paddle shaft - enables adjustment of the blade angle known as feathering
  • Paddle Weight: 1.67 lbs


  • Fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene blades
  • Corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum

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